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Duaron Industry and Commerce is located in the city of Rio do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

The Duaron Industry and Commerce Ltda. began its work in the production and reform of Motorhomes, Trailers and Camper Vans. With the high market demand in recent years Duaron is in a process of growth, in order to satisfy the market, increasing its share in the manufacturing of Camper Vans and Motorhomes. To achieve this aim the company counts on qualified professionals with over 25 years of experience in order to ensure high quality in the manufacture of their products.

Duaron´s Differential:

Following the global trends in recreational vehicles segment, the Camper Vans and Motorhomes are developed in composites (imported structural fiberglass with PVC foam core). Which makes it lighter, resistant and durable. Not only but also having an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
· Modern and bold design;
· Quick and easy installation and removal of the Camper Van in the vehicle;
· Equipped with everything to ensure more comfort, quality, safety and economy;
· It doesn´t modify the vehicle’s features;
· The Duaron develops Camper Vans and Motorhomes projects for all pick-up trucks with bed.


The Duaron Camper Van

Attachable to all pickup trucks, single or double cabins, short, medium or long beds with loading capacity greater than 1000 kg’s. For pickup trucks with double cabin capacity close to 1000 kg’s, Duaron was able to develop a unique model camper van, in which you can trade your vehicle for another brand or year without needing to change your camper van.


The practicality and versatility:

Words that are so important in the development of this thorough project, which recruited professionals with knowledge and experience to its development, not to mention the in-depth study of the application of highly efficient and quality materials, resulting in an affordable recreational vehicle, safe, comfortable and useful to adventure supporters, camping, tourism, and not only, but also for professional use.

With its easy installation, its concept was developed having as our main concern the security, autonomy and comfort to its users. Its structure is made of composite with external and internal glass fiber coating, which is identical to the material used in aircrafts and vessels, providing lightness and rigidity to the structure.


The dimensions of the Duaron Hard Top Double Cab Camper Van allow their engagement in pick-up trucks like Ford Ranger, Chevrolet S-10, Nissan Frontier, Mitsubishi L200, Volkswagen Amarok,Toyota Hilux, among other trucks.

Manufactured with full use of space, contains within it:Kitchen with table; sink and stove; Bathroom with sink; Shower with hot water; chemical toilet;Bedroom with double bed; Cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.
One of the most important details of Duaron Camper Van, is the fact that the double bed isn´t transverse to the vehicle. With the installation of an easy to handle “extender”, you can keep the double bed in symmetry with the vehicle, so that the user is able to lie on it and stretch comfortably.

The table turns into a single bed, and depending on your vehicle and your camper van the inside allows the accommodation of two, three or even four people.

The access to the interior of the Duaron Camper Van is through a door which patent has been required by Duaron that is installed on the back with double opening, similar to the small aircraft doors, where the bottom is lowered and it becames steps, while the upper portion rises.

  It´s important to remember that the current “Camper Vans” are too wide in its architecture due to the simple fact of having a double bed designed in cross shape inside the vehicle. That results in a Camper Van much wider than the truck.

To address these aesthetic issues, making it more attractive and versatile equipment, Duaron developed a bold and contemporary layout that meet the most exquisite tastes. This resulted in profound changes in parts such as: internal, like double bed, bathroom and kitchen. This is all the result of many hours of study and years of experience that eventually result in greater convenience, comfort and value to users.

One of the major concerns was to achieve certain level of predictability to let it structured to the future installation of devices and equipment that may become necessary on the user’s daily life and their needs, such as: the TV antenna system with open and closed signal (Sky type); hot and cold air-conditioning; side awning; solar power panel, among others.
Its electric power system was carefully designed to become something simpler and more practical, but very safe and fully automated. Containing power converter and battery charger in a complete and unique equipment using LED lamps with high quality, durability and beauty. This kind of feature is foreseen in Duaron Camper Van due the fact that the owner can count on an energy efficiency and therefore being able to ensure more time away from the conventional network of eletric power.

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